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When you need to join a Christian church community, you want to know that you’re becoming part of a flock that will invest in your faith journey and connection to God. Whether you’re able to meet in person or you need to worship through our online services, we’ll be there to support you.

At First Christian Church of Idaho Falls, ID, we know that a genuine relationship with Christ looks different for everyone. When you’re ready to take the next best step in your life, we’ll be there to offer love, support, and grace.

A Legacy of Godliness

Pastor Dawn Marie Turner is a child of God, wife, mother of seven wonderful children ranging from ages 14 to 45, and a seasoned pastor. She has been a commissioned minister for 19 years, serving in the Northwest Region of the Christian Church, Mid-America Region of the Christian Church, and presently serving in the Greater Rocky Mountain Region of the Christian Church.

She began serving at the Idaho Falls Christian Church in September of 2016. Over the years, Pastor Turner has cared for flocks both big and small. Whenever she ministers to those around her, she places God at the center of everything that she does. Our Christian church has seen spiritual growth and a renewed commitment to our fellow man in the time that Pastor Turner has shepherded us closer to our Savior.

A Passion for Serving Those in Need

Pastor Turner believers that, as the Christian church, we are called to open our doors to all of God’s children. She has a passion for the alienated and marginalized. She has a heart for outreach working with the drug court programs, the Helping Hands Food Banks, and the Blessing Page of Idaho Falls. She has worked for the past two years with The Extreme Tour, bringing music, skateboarding, and ministry to those who you might not see in a church setting. At the heart of what she does is a desire and need to see more people accept God into their lives.

A Woman of the People

Since becoming a member of First Christian Church, Pastor Turner has rooted herself in the community. She lives in Idaho Falls with her husband of 26 years, her youngest daughter, and three dogs. She has an ever-changing hair color to keep things lively for those she ministers to inside and outside of the church.
Pastor Turner loves serving on the Eastern Washington Walk to Christ, formerly Walk to Emmaus in Eastern Washington, when she is called to serve. She loves reading, writing, time in prayer, her clowning ministry, Psalm 126:2 Clown Ministry, game time with the family, and fellowship with anyone who wants to talk and spend time together.

Weekly Events

• Coffee & Conversation on Sunday at 9:45 a.m.

• Worship on Sunday at 11 a.m.

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